The world is changing at an accelerating pace and people are becoming more and more disoriented and frightened. In many cases, we desperately try to hold on to what we know, fearing that any change can only lead to something worse. The media discourse is toxic with cuts to journalism budgets leading to the quality of information we receive through the mainstream media being reduced to the level of cut-and-paste from Wikipedia, not forgetting the fact that any news that doesn’t fit the interests of the media corporations at the service of the military-industrial complex is simply ignored.

Advances in technology and the increasingly ubiquitous nature of the internet should in theory help to counteract this tendency; but in today’s world where wealth concentrates every year into fewer and fewer hands, and people have less and less money and time, who has the energy to search for better information?

In this context, and as a way to counteract the media negativity that leads to nihilism, despair and suicide in increasing numbers of people, Pressenza is proud to invite you to our international seminar on arguable some of the most important issues facing our civilization and our future as a human race: Women, weapons and wealth.