Divesting from Nuclear Weapons

The threats from climate change and nuclear weapons are increasingly seen as issues that could lead to the extinction of human civilization as we know it, not to mention countless other lifeforms on the planet. Nuclear weapons are incompatible with Utopia, this much is clear, but how do we get rid of them?

ICAN won the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to pressure governments to negotiate the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and since then the issue has been getting more and more coverage in the media. Yet this coverage tends to portray nuclear weapons campaigners at best as naïve and at worst as collaborators with the enemy, and in all cases we are told that it’s impossible. We disagree.

One of the keys to the existence of nuclear weapons is that there are financial institutions still willing to invest in them but if we would stop dealing with these financial institutions, nuclear weapons would be financially unviable.

Divestment is a tool that has been effective since the days of Nelson Mandela and a growing movement to divest from nuclear weapons is achieving startling results. In New York, a campaign is underway to have the city’s pension funds divested from banks and corporations that profit from nuclear weapon production.

But how can such a campaign be repeated all over the world? Our presenters will show us how.