Documentary: Universal Basic Income: Our Rigth to Live.

The documentary “UBI, our right to live” talks about the right of all human beings to subsist by the mere fact of being born. It is an idea already with history, but that has spread spectacularly in recent years, especially due to the fact that technology threatens to leave most of the population without employment to cover their needs. The documentary is composed mainly of interviews made not only to the founders, who have been working on this idea for more than thirty years, but also to academicians and activists, who tell us about their activities and experiences around the world.



  • Cosima Kern, Vice-Chair of Bündnis Grundeinkommen
  • Daniel Raventós, Co-founder of Red Renta Básica and professor of Economics
  • Elizabeth Rhodes, Research director. Y Combinator Research. Oakland.
  • Guy Standing, BIEN co-founder and professor of U. of London
  • Julen Bollain, Economist. Parliamentarian of the Basque Country by Elkarrekin Podemos
  • LLuis Torrens, Observatory of Citizen Participation in Barcelona
  • Louise Haagh, Chair of BIEN and professor at the University of York
  • Mayte Quintanilla, Chair of HRBU, Humanists for Universal Basic Income
  • Ping Xu, Founder of a UBI Taiwan
  • Rena Masuyama, Filmmaker and activist
  • Sara Bizzarro, Member of BIEN and of USBIG and Research Fellow at CEPS
  • Scott Santens, Writer and advocate of basic income for all
  • Sonja Scherndl, Share The World’s Resources (STWR)
  • Philippe van Parijs, BIEN co-founder, philosopher, social scientist